Here are the responses from my most recent “Patient Feedback Survey” (May/June 2021) from patients who have recently completed their course of therapy:

“Stephens attentive, caring nature, and skill set made feel worthy.... and provided a life line.”

“The techniques and metaphors that Stephen taught me have been incredibly useful for getting out of my negative spiral of thinking, in particular the idea that the thoughts will always show up and that’s not a failure on my part, but it’s more what I do with those thoughts that counts. Also Stephen made me realise that my avoidance behaviour is something that isn’t working for me anymore and exposing myself to situations that make me anxious but that align with my values is a better way forward.”

“He pulled me out of a very deep, very dark hole. He calmed me, explained why I felt like I did. We examined all the things that were not only affecting me badly but also to look for the positive ‘a. Would approach him again should I ever feel myself slipping back.”

“The emphasis on self-reflection which helped enable me to recognise how I felt in certain situations.”

“Having the space to talk about what I was feeling and all my irrational thoughts, Stephen helped me feel safe with them. It was also useful to have most of them debunked so that I could focus on a better thought pattern.”

“Early understanding by Stephen of the issues plus remediation plus providing self-ability to recognise and deal with future reoccurrence.”

“His honesty and his ability to listen to my issues and help me resolve them constructively.”

“He was calm, thorough and could drill down and clarify the issues that were key”

“Stephen listened and asked the right questions for me to work out the solution for myself.”

“Stephen was approachable, explained clearly, provided additional helpful material. He gave me space to talk whilst making sure we covered the relevant CBT ‘tasks’. He encouraged me when I was struggling; he responded well to the different emotions I presented on our calls. It was really helpful to have someone work with me/make me accountable whilst I embedded some of the techniques and made them habit.”

“Varied techniques to try out - they didn't all work for me, but I liked having options”

“Stephen listened without judgement and always found the best ways to support me.”

“Stephen listened to what was bothering me and making me feel low and helped me to deal with them effectively allowing me to have the skills to help myself in the future”

“Listening, compassion, and positive practical guidance.”