Here are the responses from my ongoing “Patient Feedback Survey” from 108 patients who have completed their course of therapy since May 2021:

“You pulled me out of a very deep, very dark hole. You calmed me, explained why I felt like I did. We examined all the things that were not only affecting me badly but also looked for the positives. I would approach you again should I ever feel myself slipping back.”

“Having the space to talk about what I was feeling and all my irrational thoughts. You helped me feel safe with them. It was also useful to have most of them debunked by you so that I could focus on a better thought pattern.”

“The techniques and metaphors that you taught me have been incredibly useful for getting out of my negative spiral of thinking, in particular the idea that the thoughts will always show up and that’s not a failure on my part, but it’s more what I do with those thoughts that counts. Also you made me realise that my avoidance behaviour is something that isn’t working for me anymore and exposing myself to situations that make me anxious but that align with my values is a better way forward.”

“You connected instantly with me at an interpersonal level. You validated my concerns when I thought I was being paranoid. I was in a crisis state in my opinion and had been experiencing suicidal thoughts. By connecting with me as an individual and with respect you gained my trust which is not something I give freely. You steered me towards understanding how I had arrived at my crisis point and my reactions to the triggers. You helped me to distinguish the “wood from the trees” and to objectively rationalise my way through my crisis towards an exit plan whilst supporting me with identifying for myself what steps I needed to formulate to create my exit strategy. Without your intervention I would not be here today on planet earth. I’ve still a long way to go to becoming the former me but I’ve now got the coping strategies to help me. “

“The things I appreciated and found most helpful from my time with you were the coping strategies that you taught me and your patience and understanding with anything that I said. Thank you again for the time and effort you gave me.”

“I had confidence that you understood me and that you were skilled in the techniques you were talking about. You gave me a set of tools to employ so that I am now back to the best version of myself. I would seek help from you again in future if I needed it and would recommend you to anyone I know, who needed similar help to myself.”

“Your attentive, caring nature, and skill set made feel worthy.... and provided a life line.”

“I found therapy useful, although it was difficult early on, which I had expected it to be. It was helpful to focus on my positive actions and what’s important in my life rather than trying to eliminate negative thoughts.”

“Therapy helped me grow emotionally, clarify my life values, and improve my self-esteem. I have also learnt to trust my gut instincts and not tell myself everything that will be all right and ignore what it is happening inside me.”

“Therapy helped me get a different perspective on things. Lots of useful resources and tools to apply. I now regularly check-in with myself and have resumed my meditation practice. It’s been life changing.“

“I liked the feeling of being able to be open, working through weekly homework tasks and seeing weekly progress.”

“I liked you sending me tips & recommendations of books to read following from each session so I was able to do my own independent work.”

“Your calmness when listening to my issues made me feel like everything was going to be OK even if I didn't always believe that.”

“Your early understanding of the issues plus remediation plus providing self-ability to recognise and deal with future reoccurrence were really helpful.”

“I liked the structured nature of therapy; the passengers on bus metaphor - trying to get to my destination rather than being distracted.”

“You really helped me to formulate my thoughts and how I could progress with my mental wellbeing.”

“I liked your techniques and the way you always reassured me all the time.”

“Very supportive. Excellent guidance. Great tools. Felt very safe and supported. I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

“I appreciated your listening and evaluation skills.”

“You listened to my issues and provided clear and actionable ways to solve them. Working with you made a huge difference to me.”

“Seeking therapy was one of the most important things I have ever done, and I am so glad that I did!”

“The whole process was helpful.”

“It was great working with you- I really appreciated your support. Thank you for everything, it has really made a positive impact.”

“Incredible amount of empathy and also grounded, practical techniques to adopt.”

“A positive experience, not as painful as I expected it to be. You helped me simplify my problems so I could tackle them, instead of them feeling complex and emotionally overwhelming.”

“I did not know what to expect from therapy. However, I found CBT suited me. I liked the approach and have learnt some useful techniques that have changed me and helped me to overcome my problems. Thank you for your professional support. It has been a pleasure.“

“I found that you demystified issues around stress and anxiety and provided clarity on how to approach reducing stress and anxiety. The analogies and examples that you used as illustrations were also helpful. I have also started reading The Happiness Trap , which I am finding helpful.”

“Your approachable demeanour, engagement and style were fantastic."

“Therapy helped me to see that I was more capable than I thought. Sessions helped me clarify my life vales and see that there are lots of positives in my life. It was good to have the space to talk about how I was thinking and feeling. I liked the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) metaphors as ways of dealing with my worries.”

“Thank you for all your help. The sessions were really great!"

“Therapy has been helpful. It has been useful to talk to a third party about things who is independent and can objectively explore why I have been thinking and feeling the way I have been and look at what options are open to me now that I’m out of the woods.”

“I felt able to be myself in therapy. At first my problems seemed serious and daunting, but the techniques I learnt have been life changing. I know that if I stay on this new path then things can only get better. I wish I had done this, ages ago.”

“You were very calm, patient, and rational. I really appreciated your help and support through this process.”

“Massively helpful. I have gone from not knowing what to do, to understanding my needs and how to cope. All therapeutic techniques were relevant and were introduced in a timely manner. You listened to my needs and tailored the sessions to what I required at that time. The whole course of therapy had a clear framework and clear ways to measure outcomes.”

"Working with you has been hugely beneficial in the way I approach my day-to-day thinking. I have a much broader and more positive outlook and I am getting back to the person I want to be."

“Therapy has been really positive. I welcomed and enjoyed the opportunity to have the space each week to focus on myself rather than just my work and family. It has enabled me to deal better on a daily basis with all that is going on in my life.”

“Being able to talk openly with someone who does not know me or judge me was very helpful. I found it very easy to open up to you and talk about my feelings.”

“It has been really useful to have the space and time each week to check-in with myself – the sessions have been a pressure valve. The objective assessment measures and specificity of my goals were an effective way to measure my progress. Therapy has been open and allowing so that I have been able to shift my perspective and get stuff outside of me and see that it is ok to think and feel this way.”

“Therapy helped me a way I didn’t think was possible. In a confidential one-to-one setting with a stranger, I was able to open up about my thoughts and feelings in a way I could not do with friends or family. This was a very important thing for me. I was able to stand back, take a look at myself from a different perspective, and move forward in a new direction”

“I didn’t know what to expect from CBT compared to counselling. I liked the structured approach, being taught a range of coping techniques, the provision of informative handouts and customized notes from exercises in session. I really appreciated your help. Therapy has been a good experience for me.”

"Therapy has been very helpful. I have come a long way in four months. Thank you.”

“Being able to verbalize my thoughts and feelings and recognize it was normal to feel that way given all I had been through was helpful. Also, to realize it was not a sign of weakness to need help but a sign of strength to admit that I had done all I could do for myself but that this was not enough. I now have a pathway to being a better person and know the rest is now down to me”

“Initially I was not sure if CBT was what I needed but I can now see that it was exactly the right therapy for me. I got to do more than just offload my problems, I also got to understand why I thought and felt the way that I did and together with you thought about ways I could help myself overcome my problems. I’ve got “me” back and I know how to move forward from now on.”

“Therapy enabled me to make changes in my life and I feel better for making them. It made realize that instead of thinking I can’t change other people and fitting with them (to my cost) I can do things for myself that make me happy, and I need to do this proactively. I also need to tell others what I would like to happen and not just go along with what others want.”

“Therapy was very helpful. The clarification of my life values gave me a way to structure my behaviour so that I not only learnt how to prioritize myself in terms of eating better, taking more exercise and being assertive, but also prompted to me to reconnect with my friends to support them and resume activities that I previously enjoyed.”

“I have finally been able to complete a course therapy. It has been invaluable- especially mindfulness, assertiveness, and values work. Thank you for your help.”

“I have found therapy helpful. I would come back for more if I needed to”

“I appreciate everything you have done for me. When I first came to see you, I felt that normal life had finished. Now I am feeling better and I’m ready the start the next chapter in my life.”

“Therapy has been very helpful. You’re a top bloke!”

“Therapy reminded me that I need to look after me and I have learnt how to be kind to myself. It helped put my problems in perspective in a structured way. You were also a helpful sounding board in enabling me to find a source of private psychological help for my teenage daughter who has mental health problems and who has been badly let down by NHS services.”

“Therapy was a very positive experience. More people should have it. I felt confident in you right from the first session. You had a very relaxed demeanour and asked exactly the right questions to help me understand my problems as well as giving me plenty of tools to help myself. I have already shared some of the things I have learnt to help others.”

“I was sceptical to start with, but you put me at my ease and asked me questions that made me think about things. I am really pleased with the progress I have made.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful therapy was – having had it before - where my previous therapist and I got stuck in trying to deal with my worrying. The “Passengers on Bus” metaphor made a lot of sense in explaining the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model to me and that session was the turning point for me being able to tackle my problems. “

“Therapy clearly worked! The exercises and techniques were relevant to my current mentality. Techniques such as mindfulness (which I plan to make a part of my daily life) and clarifying my life values and living my life based upon them is something I can apply widely going forward. Also I know to pay attention to my feelings sooner in future because my anxiety was trying to tell me something was wrong.“

“Therapy was very good. I learnt lots of useful techniques- the key will be to keep on using them and to ensure that I face up to uncomfortable feelings and take action, rather than avoid dealing with them as have usually done in the past. Thank you for your help.”

“Therapy has been absolutely brilliant! All the exercises and metaphor examples have been relevant and pitched at exactly the right level given how I was thinking and feeling. Therapy has been incredibly helpful. Thank you.“

“I found it very easy to speak and communicate with you which put me at ease to open up about myself. You are a true credit to your profession. Thank you.”

“Therapy was really helpful to offload, think my problems through, and find the answers that were already within me.”

“Therapy has been good. I wish I had funding for more sessions. I would have preferred face-to-face sessions but understand COVID meant that this was not possible.”

“Thank you very much for all your help. Therapy has been really useful. I know I will be able to cope better with any difficulties that arise in future by using the tools you have taught me, and I also understand myself better.”

“With the tools you have given me I hope to continue to control my medical phobia. Thank you so much for all your time and help.”

“Therapy was really good overall. I learnt lots and have applied the tools I was taught. Really beneficial. You took onboard my feedback and adapted some of the therapy techniques to my needs.”

“Therapy was really helpful. You were easy to talk to and I felt comfortable about opening up about myself and my problems. Things have worked out for me really well. You were the catalyst for me being able to make the changes I have now made. Thank you very much for all your help.”

“Therapy was one of the best things I could have done at the time. It has helped me massively. I don’t know how I could have coped with my difficulties if had had not had it. I have learnt a lot about myself.”

“Therapy has been brilliant! It has been really useful in helping me understand how my mind works. It gave me permission to recognize that my mind does not always work in ways that are helpful to me – and that’s OK – this happens to everyone from time to time. I have been more confident about talking about my problems at work because I have the language to explain what I am thinking and feeling and why and what I need from them in terms of support now that I am back at work.”

“Therapy has definitely helped. After each session I felt more hopeful and had the inspiration to put into practice the things we had discussed with guidance from yourself. Thank you for all your help.”

“The time to talk and the tools you have given me have helped me. I now have transferrable skills. I now see that I had let too much build up without addressing it. Now I know not to do that in future. I need to prioritize myself and address issues early on.“

“Therapy has been quite helpful. The biggest benefit initially was being able to talk about my problems. The mindfulness techniques are very useful and relaxing, and I appreciated the relapse prevention planning session.”

“Therapy has been really supportive. I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises. It was good to have a “safe space” on a regular basis to reflect and get some skills to apply. It has been fundamental for me. I could not have done what I did, that is find another role, without your support. You gave me permission and the courage to take the next steps. Healing has occurred and I am now once again comfortable being me. Thank you for your support, guidance and help in getting me out of a hole.”

“Therapy weas really helpful- especially learning mindfulness techniques and teaching about different types of worry and how to deal with them”

“I liked the guided approach to identifying an appropriate and practical solution to the issues I was facing. You were very helpful, approachable, and friendly. You provided many tools that I can continue using to help me manage my imposter syndrome and insecurities.”

“You gave me tools to cope with my difficulties. Therapy was very positive for me as it gave me space to get a better perspective on things. I now have a better relationship with my family.”

“A positive experience. I feel stronger. You taught me techniques to cope with the problems I had and tools that I can use for a long time to come. My self-esteem is better, and I am kinder to myself.”

“Therapy was very useful, and I have used all of the techniques I was taught. Therapy also improved the relationship between my husband and myself – he became more helpful and understanding and I stand up to him more when he slips back into his old ways.”

“I appreciated therapy being a space to talk about my negative thoughts and feelings with someone who was an expert in knowing how to cope with them. I also liked being taught techniques to enable me to manage my problems and the useful analogies provided to help me know when to apply these strategies.”

“It’s been good to be able to talk through things. A place to sound out how I am thinking and feeling, learn how to cope with my problems, and change the way I think about things.”

“I didn’t fancy doing it in the beginning and I found the sessions difficult at first. Then I began to see that this was a way to help myself and get over my problems. Eventually, I even begin to look forward to the sessions.”

“Therapy was really helpful. It has totally changed my way of thinking in a very short time. I have saved so much time now that I am not worrying, feeling anxious, and checking so many things in the way that I used to do.“

“Therapy has been useful and has made a difference, in particular the practical skills which I have been able to apply. I am now coping better despite all the stress I am currently under. I appreciate your help.”

“I was not sure what to expect at first. Pretty positive experience. Got to learn some useful techniques to apply. I feel better now than before I started.”

“Therapeutic approach made sense. Helpful to think things through rationally in sessions”

“You might not remember me but you helped give me a new set of skills and resilience that three years later remain a foundation stone of daily practice. I just want to say thank you and express my deep gratitude for all your help”

“Therapy was helpful. Thank you.”

“You listened to what was bothering me and making me feel low and helped me to deal with them effectively allowing me to have the skills to help myself in the future.”

“I appreciated your supportive understanding attitude.”

“I liked substituting the unhealthy parts of coping strategies but keeping the good parts (e.g. getting up, moving, and getting fresh air when I want to smoke)”

“You gave me varied techniques to try out - they didn't all work for me - but I liked having options”

“You listened without judgement and always found the best ways to support me.”

“You helped me to articulate my thoughts better and learn what was really holding me back.”

“I valued the emphasis on self-reflection which helped enable me to recognise how I felt in certain situations.”

“You helped me to understand why I didn't keep in touch with family members over the years.”

“I appreciated your insights and thoughts on my issues.”

“I liked your listening, compassion, and positive practical guidance.”

“Thank you for your flexible approach and taking the time to understand my situation and my needs.”

“I liked your listening and then helping me to reflect.”

“You really listened to me and remembered things that I had said.”

“You were calm, thorough and could drill down and clarify the issues that were key.”

“It was very useful to have an expert view on helping with areas of my underlying depression.”

“You had the ability to extract my key needs and then provide relatable tasks and activities to support the work on them.”

“I liked the focussing on the things that matter and allowing space to manage the rest.”

“You had extensive knowledge of different techniques.”

“Therapy helped me to understand myself better and you gave me tools to deal with future issues that may occur.”

“The process of identifying patterns of thought helped me to assess when I might be getting in a rut and take action.“

“You were very easy to talk to and listened very well.”

“You listened and asked the right questions for me to work out the solution for myself.”

“Your honesty and ability to listen to my issues helped me to resolve them constructively.”

“You were very non-judgemental and always listened well.”