Here are the responses from my ongoing “Patient Feedback Survey” from 333 patients who have completed their course of therapy since May 2021:

“I wish I had been able to have this kind of therapy when I really needed it, just after my mother died, before my problems became chronic. Therapy has been helpful. I liked the way we defined my problems into a number of areas, and I had clear therapy goals. The homework exercises gave me things to do between sessions and I was accountable to you to put them into practice. Thank you for all your help.” (06/24 CJ)

“I found therapy very helpful, especially at the beginning when you normalized my experiences, told me that you had worked with people with similar difficulties and that there were things you could teach me to help myself. You gave me hope and then you gave me the tools I needed to get better. Thank you for all your help.” (06/24 AY)

“Therapy was enlightening about myself. You got me out of the long dark tunnel I was in by showing me the way to the light at the end of it. Thank you for all your help.” (05/24 INL)

“Therapy has been useful. It came just at the right time for me allowing to me to reflect on how I was dealing with situations given what I was thinking and feeling at the time. I have learnt a set of tools which I have been applying and have ways to build upon these coping strategies going forwards. Thank you for your help.” (05/24 CG)

“It’s the first time that I have had CBT, and it has been helpful. Learning about mindfulness in particular has been beneficial.” (05/24 OR)

“Therapy has been great! Your impartiality meant that I could really open up about how I was feeling and be open to looking at a different take on the things that I was experiencing. Thank you.” (05/24 SW)

“Therapy met my expectations and has been very helpful. We had an easy dialogue and the materials and coping strategies you gave me have been put to good use and I will continue to use them. Thank you for all your help.” (05/24 CG)

“Therapy has been very educational and informative. It has been easier than previous therapy because you were not only friendly and easy to talk to, but you also taught me coping strategies, gave me between session exercises to do, sent me handouts to read, and provided links to websites for me to follow-up on things tackled in sessions. Thank you for all your help.” (04/24 PK)

“Therapy has been a life-changing experience. Being able to talk to the same person each week enabled me to open up about how I was thinking and feeling. All the coping mechanisms you taught me have been invaluable. You got me through my nightmare. You have changed my mindset; I now realize that I can’t change what happened yesterday, but I can change what happens today and tomorrow. I can’t thank you enough and because you have helped me, I can now help others with support and advice and show them that’s okay to talk if you are struggling. “(04/24 RB)

“Therapy has been great! I really enjoyed it. It came at just the right time and was very helpful in stopping me spiralling downwards. Thank you for help – a job well done.” (04/24 CB)

“ I liked therapy – I really enjoyed it. I was very sceptical about CBT at the beginning, but I found it very helpful. I was very glad that I got you as a therapist because I was initially very scared that I would not be able to open up about my past experiences and what I am thinking and feeling. Thank you for all your help.” (04/24 EM)

“Very flexible around timings and places, good service and have definitely seen an improvement in myself since being here. Thank you for all your help” (04/24 HH)

“Therapy has been really good. You gave me a broad range of techniques to employ. Each session gave me tangible things to take away and implement. I liked the way each session was structured and how you got me to reflect on the previous session and how well I had got on with the in-between session tasks I had agreed to do. Thank you for everything.” (04/24 KK)

“Therapy has really helped me navigate my way through some difficult things over the past few months. It has been helpful to have a professional opinion to help me work out what is going on in my head when I had no -one else to turn to. Thank you for listening to my problems.” (04/24 JT)

“I have tried self-help books and websites in the past but found them too abstract and generic, whereas therapy was about my experience and was customised to meet my needs. I feel I am now equipped with the tools to move forward. Having an awareness of where I am on the anxiety curve and knowing that I need to stay in the situation to see the curve subside has been key for. Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it.” (04/24 WH)

“You made me feel very comfortable in the sessions allowing me to talk about myself in a neutral space. I initially thought some sessions were more useful than others but now I can see that some were useful at the time and the others have proved useful later on. The materials you provided were always relevant to the session issue. Thank you for all your help.” (04/24 JEL)

“You have been absolutely amazing! You were so committed to helping me. I felt listened to, you didn’t judge me, and I was able to trust you, and I don’t usually trust anybody. You provided me with a safe place. Thank you for all your help - you have been so much help to me.” (03/24 LD)

“Therapy has been good. I have learnt different coping strategies to cope with my anxiety, worry, low mood and rumination, e.g. mindfulness exercises such as body scanning. I am now more aware of when I am in my head and know how to bring myself back to what I was doing.“ (03/24 IH)

“Therapy was not what I expected – but in a good way. We did look at the past but mainly looked at the here and now and ways to move forward. I like the metaphors especially the “Passengers on the Bus” which really struck a chord with me and which I use regularly. I liked the Tug of War and Super Salesperson cognitive defusion metaphors too. I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises and have learnt to be more present doing everyday tasks; there is always something to notice and appreciate. Thank you for all your help.” (03/24 JO)

“I liked the structure of the sessions. You always listened carefully to me and thought about what I had said. I looked forward to the sessions as a way to reflect upon and appreciate the progress I had made in moving on with my life. I enjoyed the sessions and found them useful. Thank you for all of your help.” (03/24 RE)

“Therapy has been very good. Having someone to assist me in my rehabilitation was very helpful. I knew what I needed to do to help myself, but the sessions encouraged me to take the necessary steps and remember that “consistency” of engaging in these activities is the watchword that will prevent me slipping back in future. Thank you for all your help.” (03/24 WH)

“Therapy has been really great. With you, unlike with my previous therapists, I have practical strategies and techniques to apply when I need to. I really liked the way you asked me questions for which I had no immediate answer and so had to really think about why I think and behave in the ways that I do. You got me to think about things from a different perspective which was very helpful. Thank you.” (03/24 HC)

“It was helpful to have a neutral person to talk about things. You are very good at what you do: you listened carefully, gave accurate reflections of what I had said and taught me coping strategies. Thank you for all your help.” (03/24 EB)

“I loved therapy! You have made the world of difference to me. Being able to talk in a safe space has been life changing. Therapy has made me stop and smell the roses. It has changed the way I look at things forever. It’s changed the way I feel. I have regained my love of life and have a set of coping strategies to carry forward. I am now able to be kinder to myself. I no longer feel angry, guilty, or ashamed that I could not help myself after my accident. Thank you for all your help.” (03/24 GJR)

“I didn’t really know the value of therapy before we started. At first, I thought it was not for me. However, after three sessions I could see that the techniques you had taught me and the insights I gained were things I could apply and were helping me. I learnt that it is okay to make time for myself to look after me and not feel guilty about this. I have learnt how my behaviour can have an impact on others and how to change my behaviour. People close to me have noticed the improvement. I would now be willing to seek therapy again in future if there were new problems I was struggling with.” (03/24 NL)

“Therapy has been a really useful experience. I feel a lot stronger now than I have done for a long time. You helped me get me be able to sleep again and taught me range of techniques that I have been able to use to manage my anxiety. Thank you.” (03/24 MMc)

“I feel very positive having had therapy. I had therapy before, but it did not hit the required spots. The key element for me was the time spent identifying my life values – that was the standout thing and the timing of it in the course of the therapy was crucial to helping me benefit from the later sessions when we looked at coping strategies, I am able to talk more to my partner more because I now have the vocabulary for my thoughts and feelings. You really listened to my problems, you were attentive in sessions and consistent in offering appointments. You focused on my strengths – such as my preference for the use of imagery and explaining things in terms of metaphors. I appreciate it that you offered video sessions and not telephone calls. Thank you for all your help to getting me to where I am now.” (03/24 SK)

“Therapy has been really positive. Your approach was very focussed and practical. We established a rapport very quickly. The life values clarification work and goal setting were very useful in getting me back on track and they will be the key to keeping me on track in future too. Thank you for all your help.” (02/24 RC)

“Before therapy I believed that I would always be alone, and nobody would ever love me again. I had had lots of therapy before, I knew I was very self-aware, but I lacked the tools to get me where I needed to go. I found you very easy to talk to and I liked your no-nonsense approach to the sessions. You and I agreed on an agenda for the session, and you held me accountable for doing my homework tasks from the previous session in a kind but assertive way. Therapy has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I will be using my values to guide me throughout the rest of my life. Thank you for all your help.” (02/24 JD)

“I found therapy very helpful. You were easy to talk to and I always felt lifted after the session. Therapy has started me on a journey, so the next step is for me to build upon what I have learnt so far. The tools that you taught me helped me to deal with difficult situations. My favourite techniques were the defusion metaphors such as The Passengers on the Bus, The Tug of War, the Super Salesperson, and the Home Movie – they really stuck with me. Also, some of your insights within the sessions really clicked with me. Thank you for all your help.” (02/24 CW)

“The therapy has been extremely helpful to me, and I have been happy with the format of our therapy. However, as my state of mind has improved - and in order to reach my goals - I feel the format needs to change to an in-person format. The TEAMS format is not quite working for me. I have, therefore, decided that I would like to reset to an in-person therapy. I know that this will unfortunately not be possible with you. I would like to thank you for helping me through a very tough time in my life, and I would highly recommend you to others.” (02/24 KM)

“Therapy has been massively helpful. I needed to have it for years. Talking things through was so useful. It has given me new ways to think about things and clarifying my life values has helped me to make better choices of behaviours.” (02/24 JN)

"I often felt lighter and more relaxed after our sessions. Therapy has opened my eyes to stuff and made me analyse myself. It has been helpful and has made a difference" (02/24 SH)

“Therapy has led to a complete turnaround to where I was a few months ago. It has helped me improve how I deal with difficult situations by taking a step-back from my thoughts, changing my emotional state, leading to a better way of dealing with things, e.g. by problem-solving or being assertive. Thank you for your help.” (01/24 AV)

“I was surprised how much of a roller-coaster the therapy sessions would be with some of the early ones very emotionally draining, the later ones were uplifting until finally my mood was stable after the latter sessions. Therapy was helpful. Thank you.” (01/24 NP)

“Therapy has been amazing. I initially thought it was odd and uncomfortable to have to speak about things I had never told anyone about. It has massively helped to change the way I think and see myself and my view of the world. I don’t know where I would have been without it. The thing that hit me in particular was that I was able to accept that I was not responsible for the life situation I was born into (with a father involved in organized crime) that I was not at fault and so there was nothing wrong with me. Thank you for all your help.” (01/24 ME)

“I got everything I needed from therapy. The 7R’s coping strategies for managing my ADHD that you taught me have been invaluable. Thank you.” (01/24 LN)

“Therapy has been good. I liked the mindfulness exercises such as “Tracking Thoughts in Time” and the cognitive defusion metaphors of “Passengers on the Bus” and “The Tug of War”. I liked where we clarified my life values and the I learnt how to notice and appreciate when I engaged in values-based behaviours in the many different domains of my life so that my self-esteem is not just based on my performance at work. Thank for your time and help” (01/23 UA)

“Therapy has been good. The tools you gave me have been helpful and I appreciated the fact that you were impartial and didn’t judge me. Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.” (01/24 CS)

“Thank you for listening and all the materials you gave me. You taught me how to be in the moment and not focus on what’s coming. We achieved what we set out to do.” (12/12 NN)

“Therapy helped me because I was able to offload what was going on in my head. Now I am able to stop my worries escalating. I will continue to use some of the mindfulness exercises I have learnt from the sessions and plan to join meditation classes in the new year. I am also more mindful on a day-to-day basis and hence more present in my life. I now feel happier in myself. Thank you for your help.” (12/23 KC)

“Therapy was very useful and effective. I have had OCD and anxiety for a long time and have read lots about it and thought I knew everything. However , the calm and focussed way in which the sessions were run helped me to learn strategies such as mindfulness. Therapy has made me braver – I can now get on and do things even in the presence of intrusive thoughts or worries because my task is just to notice them and not engage with them. Thank you for all your help.“ (12/23 WL)

“You have been helpful, understanding and accommodating throughout therapy. The techniques you have taught me have helped me get though some tough situations over the past three months. Thank you for all your help.” (12/23 MM)

“Therapy has proved helpful and useful. I am now able to manage my stress better. My cluster headaches have stopped and the associated symptoms I used to get with them have stopped too. I am feeling much better in myself physically and mentally. Thank you for your help.” (12/23 HU)

“I liked the way the sessions were structured from the outset with a specific topic to be covered. You then walked me through coping techniques in session and then asked me to practise them on my own in-between appointments. I also liked the summary emails and handouts you sent to me after each session and the book recommendations you gave me at the end of our final session. I appreciate your time and help a lot. Thank you” (12/23 LA)

“I found therapy to be very interesting and positive. I looked forward to our sessions because I had the chance to offload things, and I always felt better after talking to you. I also learnt coping techniques to help me deal with my problems. Thank you for all your help.” (12/23 JB)

“Therapy has been very good. I have learnt that it is important to prioritize myself and not just put others first which means I neglect my own happiness. I am now able to go out and see my friends and not feel guilty about this am spending more time with my husband. I no longer let my negative thoughts eat away at me. I have set boundaries with my mother and brother so that I now help them when it is appropriate rather than running around to do things for them and wearing myself out. Thank you for everything.” (12/23 AC)

“This time therapy was very different from what I have had before – in a good way. It came just at the right time for me. I learnt that I don’t have to engage with every thought and feeling I have. Therapy was really helpful because it gave me a new mental model to explain things. I have already used what I have learnt in the sessions to help others. “ (11/23 OC)

“The sessions have been very productive. The mindfulness exercises have been helpful.” (11/23 RB)

“Therapy has been great! You were very patient and understanding. I did not have to spend a lot of time explaining myself – you just got me. Thank you for all your help.” (11/23 JO)

“Therapy made me think a lot. It has been really helpful – especially the mindfulness exercises. Thank you.” (11/23 PD)

“It was useful to talk with someone else who’s response was not just “That’s rough but it is what it is” but who actually said: Ok what tools can I give you to deal with this? The mindfulness exercises, such as The Milky Way & Body Scanning, were particularly useful. “ (11/23 AW)

“After my previous course of therapy, I was looking for a set pf practical tools that I could use to regulate my thoughts and feelings – this is just what you gave me. I appreciated that you emailed notes from the in-session exercises and handouts after each session for me to keep which will aid me with relapse prevention.” (11/23 NS)

“Therapy has been fantastic. The sessions worked every time. I preferred the face-to-face video calls to the telephone sessions I had in the past. Thank you.” (11/23 JP)

“It’s been great working with you. In the beginning I was unsure what we were going to do and where the therapy sessions were going. Then you started teaching me techniques (learning how to be mindful and make values-based choices was a key thing for me) and you challenged my perceptions of how I see things too. I always felt heard and listened to. Thank you.” (11/23 BK)

“You were really good. It took some time for me to put into practice your suggestions. I had to change my mind set to apply what we discussed. I definitely have a better understanding of the problem and a toolkit of coping strategies to help me cope better with travelling by Tube. Thank you.” (10/23 CDAH)

“I was very lucky to find you – I have heard so many stories about how difficult it is for people for find a therapist they connect with - we got on straight away. You were always very understanding, encouraging and helpful and if I had had a difficult week, I knew I would have a session coming up to talk to you about it. Before my difficulties I could never understand why if I was always able to make myself happy why other people couldn’t do the same. Now I have a lot more compassion for others who are struggling. Nobody chooses to be unhappy. I am so very grateful that you were there in the worst period of my life. Thank you.” (10/23 AR)

“I didn’t believe that therapy could help me very much before I started, but I have found it useful. It helped to be able to talk to a neutral person so that I did not have to worry about their reaction, as I would do if I spoke to someone in my family. I found the sessions helpful, and I quite enjoyed them. Thank you.” (10/23 BS)

“Therapy was enlightening and far more engaged than the previous course of therapy I had. My research on UK road traffic accident fatalities was eye-opening in good and bad ways – but it helped me get a realistic perspective on road safety so that I am able to ride my motorcycle more confidently now.” (10/23 FWL)

“I enjoyed the way you were so methodical in sessions, structuring them, and providing an explanatory framework for my difficulties. I have learnt so much in the 2 to 3 months we worked together, the values work was the biggest takeaway for me, together with the concept of acceptance.” (10/23 AP)

“I found therapy useful. I liked the theory because it helped me understand my problems and I know that it is now down to me to continue to apply what I have learnt to make further progress.” (10/10 BS)

“Therapy has been very beneficial and has really made a noticeable difference in me. It has taught me how to concentrate on the right things – the things that matter. Thank you for your time.” (10/23 GK)

“Therapy has helped me a lot. Mindfulness has been very good. I was sceptical in the beginning, but it works!” (10/23 TW)

“You have given me a lot to think about and some excellent techniques to employ - they have been very helpful.” (10/23 SS)

“Therapy this time was far more beneficial to me than my previous courses of therapy. Therapy has taught me approaches and techniques that I could apply – in particular, the mindfulness exercises. Thank you for listening to me and for pointing me I the right direction.” (10/23 JC)

“Therapy was difficult, but I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to have it. It was a lot of help in a lot of ways. Initially it was just raising my awareness of how I make myself feel. Later I started to believe that I could be nicer to myself. Finally, I actually went ahead and did some things just for me.” (10/23 CN)

“Therapy has been great - I really enjoyed it. It was so helpful to have someone listen to me and act as a sounding board. You were very good at validating me when I needed it or helping me see things differently if it was my way of thinking that was the problem. The way I now communicate what I am thinking and feeling with those close to me has improved 100%. I would seek help from you again in future if I ever needed it.” (09/23 GPM)

“Therapy helped – helped me dramatically. It was not what I expected, and I learnt a lot.” (09/23 JC)

“I feel that I learned a lot from our sessions. Thank you.” (09/23 LC)

“The tools you have taught me were explained with a very clear rationale – you cannot stop your thoughts and feelings - but you can learn how to manage them. The visual defusion metaphors like Passengers on the Bus and Leaves on a Stream really suited how my mind works. Thanks to therapy I have turned a corner and am now in a much happier place. Thank you for all your help.” (09/23 IA)

“Therapy was really helpful to me - I appreciated your insights and kind words. You gave me plenty of things to think about and a toolkit of techniques, some of which I use now, and others I will practise in the future. Your comments that I don’t need to fix my negative feelings, that it is okay to feel that way sometimes, and that it is my behaviour that really counts really resonated with me. The most powerful exercise was where I imagined my 90-year-old -self talking to me now and her validating the priorities that I have set myself, emphasizing that if I stick to my values I will get to where I want to be in life. A big thank you for all your support in our time together. I very much appreciate it.” (09/23 EC)

“You helped me by making therapy relevant to my life so that I could practically apply what I had learnt each week. I know that you were doing your job but the effort you put in made it feel you were doing more than just that. Thank you for your help.” (09/23 CMAF)

“Although, some of the sessions were CBT based and taught me arrange of coping strategies, many of the sessions were more counselling in nature, by necessity, due to the repeated crises I went through with my eldest daughter. She had been habitually self-harming and making repeated suicide attempts – some attempts almost succeeding so that they resulted in her being in and out mental health inpatient units on sections and staying in intensive care units in general hospitals. However, my eldest daughter is now out of hospital, living in her own flat with 24 hour 1 to 1 observation which is the care she has needed all along and so I should now be able to prioritize taking care of myself, using the techniques I learnt, and start reclaiming my life .” (09/23 JKS)

“It was good to be able to talk things through and to have things explained to me about what was going on. Therapy made me feel less bad about myself and has really helped. Thank you.” (09/23 DS)

“I was not sure what to expect in the beginning, but the CBT formulation showed me the way in which all of the things I was experiencing were connected. Therapy has been relaxing and insightful, aside from the sessions when we focussed upon my traumatic experience, but I understood this was what I needed to do. I enjoyed learning the mindfulness exercises (I particularly like “The Leaves on a Stream”) and the cognitive defusion techniques (such as “The Passengers on the Bus”) and I make good use of these techniques.” (09/23 LG)

“Therapy was helpful. I helped me see how the way I thought led me into ways of coping that were not good for me. It normalized my experience – it’s not just me who is socially anxious . It’s not the case that everyone else has it all put together. After sessions, my mindset enabled me to notice that I now have a choice point about how I deal with my negative thoughts and feelings.” (09/23 KS)

“Therapy was a lot easier than I thought it would in that it has worked by teaching me techniques that I have been able to use and have found helpful. “ (09/23 RF)

“I didn’t know what to expect from therapy at first, but I not only found it challenging but also enjoyable and very productive. I left each session feeling overwhelmingly positive. I really appreciate your clear guidance over the past few months. Thank you for all your help.” (09/23 AD)

“I didn’t want to do therapy at first – I just felt that I deserved to have my problems. Then work referred me and I didn’t expect anything from it. Actually, I have improved and recovered without initially even noticing – although my friends noticed the change. I can see that I am better person now. I am being recognized as being good at my job, whereas previously I was on the point of losing it. I would recommend you to anyone I know who I thought needed therapy. You have been really helpful. Thank you." (08/23, MO)

“I found therapy very helpful. You were always there to listen to me when I needed it. You gave me lots of ideas about how to cope with my difficulties. Therapy has helped me to regain my self-confidence. Your advice about how to recognize and deal with a bullying manager was invaluable. Thank you for all your help.” (08/23 KL)

“Thanks so much Stephen. I feel so lucky, the discussions on values are probably what I needed the most in this time of my life. (08/23 CL)

“Therapy definitely helped me.” (08/23 NG)

“Thank you for listening to me and for all you have done for me I really appreciate it.” (08/23 AR)

“Therapy has been good. Thank you for all your help.” (07/23 YP)

“I didn’t know what to expect from therapy. I’m not used to talking about my feelings and five minutes before the initial appointment I almost decided against going ahead with it. I was surprised how much influence I had in learning things for myself, and I was not just given advice or taught techniques. The techniques I was taught were very useful though such as the 54321-mindfulness exercise. I’m really pleased I have done it and wish that I had done it sooner. I enjoyed the sessions – especially being able to talk to someone impartial about how I was thinking and feeling and so not feeling I was being judged.” (07/23 JB)

“The very practical tips were the anchor for me. The metaphors and analogies were very useful – surprisingly so. Therapy has made a clear and positive difference in my life. Thank you.” (07/23 FK)

“I really enjoyed therapy and found it very helpful. It has given me a new view on myself from a values-based perspective. I have recommended you others.” (07/23 GG)

“I found therapy a bit daunting to begin with, but I came to enjoy it. It has helped me immensely.” (BR 07/23)

“I knew that therapy would work because as a nurse I have referred patients for therapy myself. I was tearful, down and stressed at the beginning and didn’t know which way to turn. Having the regular sessions really helped. You were very calm, listened carefully and were under able to understand what I wanted to say even when I couldn’t find the words to say it myself. The homework tasks, which were always designed to be achievable, pulled me through therapy. Therapy has made a massive difference to me. Thank you for all your help.“ (AR 07/23)

“I have had CBT twice before, so many of the sessions just reminded me about what I had learnt before that had proved useful and the need for me to re-introduce these techniques. The new element was mindfulness which added to my existing knowledge and again emphasized that I need to put these exercises into practice on a daily basis.” (SB 06/23)

“I have found our sessions helpful in discussing the issues I have with a “neutral” third party which provides a degree of perspective. Of the tools you have suggested the simple act of keeping a procrastination diary has been most useful identifying patterns of behaviour to be addressed. Many thanks for your help.” (KR 06/23)

“Therapy has been really good. It has made an immense difference in all areas of my life. I was sceptical at the beginning, but therapy made me challenge the way I talk to myself and pushed me to try doing things I would previously have talked myself out of.” (JC 06/23)

“I was vaguely aware of many of the techniques we covered in session, but it helped to follow a structure, actually learn the techniques, and then apply them to situations. I liked the ACT model more than the metaphors – the model suited my analytic mind. Therapy helped draw strands of ideas together with an underlying theme that although thoughts arrive unbidden you can treat them mindfully by noticing them and then decide whether or not to pay attention to them. It is your life values that should guide your actions not necessarily your stream of thoughts.” (TS 06/23)

“Therapy has been really helpful. It was difficult for me to inward at first, but it helped me understand why I am the way I am. Therapy taught me to change the way I look at things and a range of techniques to help myself. I realized that I am not broken, and that I don’t need fixing. I have taken a lot from the sessions and passed on some of the things I have to learnt to my friends. Thank you very much for everything.” (RL 06/23)

“It was really helpful to have a few top-up sessions to deal with developments since we finished therapy last year. I learnt some new techniques to help me manage my reactions to interactions with my ex-wife when she is being highly reactive, passive aggressive and controlling. I really liked the “Passengers on Bus” and “Tug of War” defusion techniques.“ (SE 06/23)

“Therapy has been really productive. It has proved more useful than I thought it would be at the beginning. Breaking things down into small steps and looking at real traffic accident statistics, as opposed to my own fears, really made a difference. Thank you for all your help.” (DS 06/23)

“When I was at my lowest therapy gave me the tools to apply in real life and this made all the difference - without your help I don’t know what I would have done. I have learnt a lot from these sessions in particular how to deal with worry, rumination, and self-critical thinking. I am now able to recognise that I am the person I want to be and can notice day-to-day, examples of the real me in action. Thank you for all your help.” (KH 06/23)

“The early sessions of therapy were the most helpful to get me out of the rut I was in. I liked the fact that it was action-focused, and this changed my mindset. I learnt that by changing my behaviour I could change my mood. I really appreciated the emphasis on practising what I had learnt without the expectation of doing it perfectly and the regularity of the sessions enabled me to check-in with myself. However, I never felt we came to any definite conclusion about why I have a tendency have to be self -critical – so I am still curious about that. I was also hoping to get some personal insights from you as a therapist – but maybe that is a different therapy model – because in the ACT model it was more you enabled me to come to my own insights. Thank you for all your help, it was really appreciated and got me out of the dark hole I was in.“ (KM 06/23)

“I didn’t know what to expect at first. The first two sessions where we looked at everything and you let me talk through all that had happened and see the bigger picture for myself were really useful. The various exercises that you taught me, e.g., mindfulness, and defusion techniques, I have been able to apply and have been dealing with things better as a result. I am sure I will keep using them. Thank you for all your help“ (JG 06/23)

“I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning – maybe I thought you would be telling me what to do. It turned out that you were there to help me analyse myself to understand what was going on. Clarifying my core values and ensuring they guided my choice of behaviour was very helpful. Also, your validation about how I was feeling and your normalization of the behaviour of my teenage daughter were important. It was good to be able to have regular catchups with a third party so I could say what was on my mind during the divorce process. Thank you for help.” (ML)

“I really enjoyed therapy. I gained insights into myself and became more aware of the environment I was in. Therapy allowed me to connect with what was really going on and taught me ways of managing my behaviour. Therapy has been fantastic; you have showed me the way to a happier life. Thank you for all your help.” (LR 06/23)

“Therapy gave a me a space to talk and helped me to identify the priorities I need to move forward on. Thank you for your time.” (TK 05/23)

“You and I quickly came to a good rapport. Therapy challenged me, but in a good way. You stopped me over-analysing things and gave me tasks to focus upon. The homework tasks were always appropriate. I knew what I needed but I required a leg up to get me going. You really listened to me and encouraged me. Thank you for all your time and help” (KH 05/23)

“Therapy has been a really positive experience. It made me really think about my actions and I no longer blame myself for everything. The “Passengers on the Bus” metaphor is what really resonated with me and use it a lot. Thank you for all your time and help.” (SC 05/23)

“Therapy was helpful in giving me perspective on my difficulties and clarifying the issue I needed to work on. I was very happy with this approach as it was a targeted and effective and mindfulness is something I will continue to use and build upon.” (MN 05/23)

“Therapy was very helpful and has reminded me of the importance of practising mindfulness. Sessions also helped me clarify my career path in the short and medium term when I now plan retire.” (RH 05/23)

“Therapy was very good and relaxing. The exercises were useful. I liked the way the course of sessions was structured with accompanying homework tasks.” (JS 05/23)

“I enjoyed the sessions and found them interesting. I came for help before I again experienced another dip in my mood to learn techniques to deal with them. So the real test will be when I put them into practice. But my partner has already noticed that I am calmer and more measured. “ (GY 05/23)

“Therapy was a positive experience. It was nice to be treated as a person not as someone who was sick and needed nursing which was my previous experience of therapy” (MU 05/023)

“Therapy was what I expected. It was an opening of a bunch doors so that now I am in a building and not a maze. The sessions were useful to create a rhythm to drive me forward towards a conclusion. Thank you for all your help.” (SW 04/23)

“Therapy was really quite enlightening for me. It made me aware of the ways that I was thinking and feeling that were not helpful to me and taught me coping strategies to manage this as well as helping me identify practical changes I could make that enabled me to chip away at my anxiety, fear, and worry. I really enjoyed discovering mindfulness and when you taught me the Tracking Thoughts in Time mindfulness exercise and gave me your e-book on mindfulness that was the turning point in therapy for me. Thank you for all your help.” (AH 04/23)

“Therapy has been just great! I have had therapy several times before but always slipped back into depression again once it finished. This time after a 4-week break before I had my last session, I have remained stable and feel equipped with the tools to head off any potential relapse in future. Unlike previous therapists, you made me feel comfortable enough to share my thoughts and my darkest secrets. You were amazing. Thank you.” (RN 04/23)

“Therapy has been really helpful. The metaphors such as “Passengers on the Bus” and “Tug of War” defusion techniques, and the “Leaves on a Stream” mindfulness exercise were very vivid, and I use them regularly. I now have a toolkit of coping strategies that is based both on the understanding of the therapy behind them but also proof of their effectiveness by my use of them between sessions. I have never looked at my life values and the sessions spent clarifying them and identifying goals based upon them is something I will use going forward. Therapy also enabled me to take a step back and see that “self-care” is not just a word but something I need to continue to put into practice.” (RG 04/23)

“Therapy was quite helpful and very applicable to helping me make changes in my life. The theory element, e.g., the CBT model of Social Anxiety Disorder was really helpful, as were the coping strategies to help me deal with my worry and rumination. Thank you. ” (MY 04/23)

“I enjoyed the therapy sessions I had with you. I felt comfortable talking with you so that I could off-load how I was really thinking and feeling. You guided me in the right direction in teaching me coping tools. Thank you very much for all your help.” (BG 04/23)

“I feel hugely privileged to have been able to have these sessions with you and to have the benefit of your professional expertise. I have shared things with you, that I have been ashamed about for years, because I have known that you would not judge me. I can now forgive myself and also see that some of these things, now that they have seen the light of day, have shrunk in significance too. I am now able to imagine what my future path could look and feel like, and this is an exciting journey to have begun. The sessions have been a pleasure. Thank you.” (JG 04/23)

“I have appreciated the space I was given to reflect and gain insights and all the guidance and advice I have been given. I am also grateful for the compassion you showed towards me and the that position I found myself in. I have had a good experience of therapy. Thank you.” (JT 04/23)

“Therapy has been really good. I was not sure if it was going to be helpful at the beginning because my head was so fuzzy. Then I saw that therapy helped me focus on the right things, the here and now and making plans for the future rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about tomorrow. The mindfulness exercises were good, and my wife now does them too.“ (RB 04/23)

“Therapy was really helpful. I liked the way each session was structured, the sessions followed a structure too, and were always linked to my goals. I really connected with some of the exercises and the materials based upon what we had covered in the session arrived straight after it. The regularity of the sessions, the hour set aside for me, and my being accountable for putting into practise what we had agreed, made me feel safe and that I was important. I have still got things to work on in the future, but I am now equipped with the tools to do so.“ (PM 03/23)

“My aim in seeking therapy was to get the state of the art of psychological therapy in terms of accessing knowledge and techniques from a mental health professional and this is exactly what I got. Having someone to talk to each week was helpful because I didn’t feel able to talk to the two family members and few friends and colleagues that remain in my life about how I was thinking and feeling. I plan to re-read all the materials I was given and condense them into a toolkit because I can see that they will also be useful for situations I know I will face down the line.” (MT 03/23)

“You have been amazing! I could not have got to the point where I am now and have the confidence to resume my course of treatment without your support.” (SB 03/23)

“I enjoyed your style. You are approachable and likeable. You took time to get to know me and that engaged my trust. You did not follow a formulaic approach you asked open questions and then dived deeper to clarify details. All the documentation you sent me after sessions made sense. I liked the tools you gave me although some seemed peculiar at the outset, like the “Tug of War” metaphor, but they have stuck in my mind, and I have successfully used the Acknowledge Connect and Engage (ACE) and “The Chessboard” metaphor defusion techniques. Thank you for all your help” (JB 03/23)

“Therapy has been helpful because it has enabled me to make a life-changing decision that I had previously been fearful of taking. Before therapy I saw this option as running away from my problems but actually, I am now moving towards a new future that makes so much sense to me because it is a life choice based on my values. Thank you.” (SA 03/23)

“Thank you for all your help it was really appreciated.” (LM 03/23)

“Therapy was really quite eye-opening. When you gave me examples of what anxiety looks like I was often thinking I do that, I do that too. You explained things in ways that were easily understandable for me using graphs and flow-charts etc. Thank you for everything.” (MB 03/23)

“Therapy has been very helpful, much more than therapy I have had in the past. You have taught me a range of coping tools and techniques and I have learnt that it is important to let people know when I am feeling stressed and not bottle my feelings up. The written materials you have me after each session are sources of information I often refer to. The insight that you gave me about the difference between productive worry and unproductive worry and that I was usually engaged in hypothetical “What if?” worrying rather than having real things to worry about was so useful.” (SC 03/23)

“Overall therapy worked. I learnt that it takes the patient to lead it and to put in the work between meetings. The CBT formulation made sense in terms of encapsulating my problems and will refer back to it in future. Therapy has been a positive experience for me.” (QSB 03/23)

“I am really glad that I took the step to start therapy. It has been a very positive experience for me. It shone a light on my ingrained behaviours and gave me a range of coping strategies to deal with them. The ACT strategies were many and varied and liked the practical and process-based structure to the sessions. I know that I now need to take the responsibility to continue to put the work in to build upon what I have achieved so far.” (GE 03/23)

“I was sceptical about the potential benefits of therapy in the beginning. However, therapy has actually helped me a lot. My mood has improved 10-fold since I started therapy and am really happy each day. Thank you for all your help.”(AW 03/23)

“Thank you for all your help” (BH 03/23)

“I’d like to say a massive thank you for all the support you’ve provided over the past couple of months. I feel like you’ve armed me with a range of techniques and tools to help me practically cope with the bad days (and the good!) and reorientated my actions toward my values which I’d never previously been able to adequately distil. Our sessions have set me up for a healthier mental dialogue and approach to day-to-day life.” (TB 03/23)

“Therapy has been good. I had CBT before for PTSD and it helped, but this time I learnt different tools and new ways of looking at things (e.g., the “Tug of War” metaphor) relating to my current problems. Some of these tools are already lodged in my mind to use when I recognize my anxiety and worry coming on. I have enjoyed working with you. Thank you for all your help.” (NH 02/23)

“I was unsure what to expect to start with as I was concerned it would just be another course of counselling which I had not found helpful in the past. However, I was able to talk to you about how I was feeling and felt comfortable about it. I was taught a range of exercise to help me cope with what was going on for me - many of which I would not have thought of for myself. I used to look forward to the sessions because I knew it was chance to tell you about my week, to gain insights into myself, and you would give me pointers and tools to help me cope. Therapy has definitely helped me. Thank you.” (SM 02/23)

“Therapy was useful. Your suggestion to resume doing charity work was perfect. It is a way to meet people, do something useful, give back to society and repay the charity for the support they gave me during my wife’s prolonged illness and in the months after her death.” (KB 02/23 )

“Therapy was very good. I liked keeping a Negative Thoughts Diary to monitor the triggers for my mood changes and because it was a way of tracking how often my mood became negative. I liked learning how to differentiate between Productive Worry and Unproductive Worry which helped me know when using a problem-solving strategy was appropriate or not. Finally, the DNA-V (Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor Values) model pulled together all the ideas we looked at in the sessions together with the tools I had been taught.” (WM 02/23)

“You were very nice but you were also holding me accountable for doing my homework motivated me to do the things I needed to help myself. My starting on anti-depressants also helped but medication alone would not have been the answer - medication enabled me to put into practice what I had learnt in therapy. “ (RBS 02/23)

“Therapy was not what I expected. I thought it would involve talking about my childhood and trying to find root causes. Instead, it was very tool orientated and action focussed. This meant I had ways to help me move forward with my life. I was actually able to successfully use what I learnt in sessions during a crisis in the time I was having therapy. Thank you for your time and help. “ (DG 02/23)

“Thank you for all your support – it was essential to me. The benefits I gained from therapy came a lot quicker than in the previous long course of therapy I had back in Germany. The homework exercises helped me to commit to making practical changes outside of therapy sessions.” (FK 01/23)

“Therapy has been eye-opening and completely amazing. I only had counselling before and never felt like this once it finished. Therapy has made me realize that life is what you make it – you get out what you put into it and it’s ok to prioritize me. You listened to me and understood me and gave me exactly the coping techniques that I needed. I can’t thank you enough.”(TM 01/23)

“Therapy was good. It was helpful to speak to someone who was not involved with my issues. You normalized my negative thoughts and feelings and then gave me the tools to manage them. I have realized that I need to get back to working on myself to boost my self-esteem, so I am not reliant on seeking reassurance from my partner.” (JS 01/23)

“Therapy was not what I expected it would be – I thought it would be just chatting. However, there were exercises (e.g., the “Passengers on the Bus”) that gave me insights into my thoughts and feelings and why my previous coping strategies had not worked. Therapy was very helpful. Thank you “(CMW 01/23)

“Therapy has been a positive experience. The initial couple of discovery sessions were helpful in enabling me to offload. I appreciated your explanation of the function of the various types of emotions and how it was inappropriate for me to feel guilty about a particular issue in my family. I found the Passengers on the Bus technique and the 54321-mindfulness exercise really useful. Spending time on clarifying my life values and then noticing and appreciating every time I live my life in line with them is something I intend to continue with.” (MG 01/23)

“Therapy pointed out to me the ways in which I thought and behaved were not helpful to me. I liked the metaphors such as “Passengers on the Bus” and use this technique daily. The session notes you sent to me each week with take home messages helped me apply what I had learnt. Therapy has been really helpful. Thank you for all your help.” (AFA 01/23)

“I started therapy feeling embarrassed that I needed to have it – however, therapy was not what I expected. We spent the initial sessions diving into the nitty-gritty of my problems then we moved on to learning techniques to help me cope with my problems. My experience has been a positive one and I am glad that I went on this journey.” (PE 01/23)

“Therapy was helpful. If I had not had these sessions, I would not have realized that it was a series of abusive past relationships that were causing my physical symptoms in the present, rather than my original explanation that the symptoms were a sign of a serious undiagnosed illness. Thank you for your help.” (CP 01/23)

“Your support was tremendous. Thank you for your help and time.” (MV 01/23)

“Thank you for your time and the platform you have provided which allows me to try and think differently as situations arise.” (HG 01/23)

“Therapy was helpful. Thank you for your time.” (SB 01/23)

“Therapy has been really useful. I was nervous beforehand because my girlfriend was pushing me to do it and I was dragging my feet. I chose you because you were a clinical psychologist with recognized qualifications and your website was clear about what types of therapy were on offer. The way you ran the sessions was useful. The first one was to gather information about me. In the second session you introduced the therapeutic model (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – ACT) and used it to help me understand my problems together with an introduction to a way to change the way I viewed my thoughts using the “Passengers on the Bus” defusion technique. Subsequent sessions were used to teach me more defusion techniques such as “The Tug War” metaphor and Acknowledge Connect & Engage (ACE) etc. You also showed me how I could apply what I have learnt to any potential episodes of OCD which might occur in the future that have a new theme.” (GS 01/23)

“Therapy has been invaluable. It’s been a long and hectic year for me but as Christmas approaches again I feel much better. Last year at Christmas I felt awful, tearful, and exhausted but I did not know why. Therapy has helped me understand that my brain is not going haywire but that it falls into certain unhelpful patterns, and I have a choice whether or not I allow myself to get stuck in these patterns. I now recognise that when I make time to do things for me, they have a positive impact, and that this time is not spent at the expense of my children. . Therapy has made me aware that I don’t need to fill every second of the day with activity and that it is okay to turn people down and there are no negative consequences for doing so. The sessions allowed me to express what I was thinking and feeling without feeling that I was being judged, wrong, or broken. Thank you for all your help.” 

“I was surprised how quickly therapy worked. I liked the way it had objective goals and reading materials to read between the sessions to support me in doing tasks between appointments. The techniques I learnt were simple and effective and are things that I will keep on applying.” 

“Therapy was really interesting and not what I expected. The beginning focussed on what I thought was the problem but then once we had looked at that the focus changed and uncovered other issues that were more useful to work upon. I am now more considerate and thoughtful in my approach in my relationship, and I feel a lot better.” 

“Therapy was pretty good. I have realized that work is not the be all and end all and that the company I work has changed its culture for the worse. So, I am looking for another job.” 

“You were the first person since the accident who I felt I could talk honestly with about my thoughts and feelings. The step-by-step approach matched well with my way of doing things. I enjoyed our sessions and have now regained my confidence to travel anywhere by car – either as a driver or a passenger. I feel liberated. Thank you so much for all your help. “

“Therapy has been good. I started it thinking: Do I need therapy it was only a break-up? However, you validated my feelings saying it was OK to think and feel the way I was feeling. Learning the defusion techniques to help me cope with what I was going through was helpful too and I will continue to use them. I now have hope for the future.” 

“Therapy has been helpful – it has really benefited me. I needed someone to show me how to solve my problems – I would not have found the way forward on my own. I have learnt that it is how you act that is important, to be true to your values and take every opportunity to put them into action."  

“Therapy has been a very positive experience for me. ACT has been very useful and made more sense than the CBT I had before. Thank you for all your help.” 

“You allowed me to be honest and open and didn’t judge me. Some sessions were more helpful than others. I really liked and continue to use the Passengers on the Bus defusion technique. Thank you for all your help and support.” 

“Therapy worked – I didn’t think it would at the start! The work on identifying my life values gave me a structure to be able to use the diffusion techniques effectively – especially the “ Passengers on the Bus.” 

“I appreciated from the very beginning your warm manner, the way you structured sessions, your rigour in collecting assessment information, in particular a systemic description of family structure and dynamics, and the setting of therapy goals early on. I appreciated your openness to other therapeutic viewpoints and your willingness to adapt materials to suit my needs. I really appreciated how you responded in the moment – they felt like authentic interactions, not someone just following a template.” 

“Therapy has been helpful. I will use the coping strategies you have taught me to continue to make further progress towards achieving my therapy goals. “ 

“I now realize that just having a course of therapy is not 100% of the solution. Only I can help myself which means that I need to continue to put into practice all of the techniques that I have learnt (e.g., mindfulness) now that I have finished therapy. Also, I need to continue to make changes in my workplace because work is the main stressor and managing the demands of work while at the same time making space for my personal life is key. Thank you for all your help – much appreciated.” 

“Therapy has been great! The sessions were at the right pace and in a tone that I wanted. The reflection process and the tools that you have taught me have proved very effective and I am confident that they will continue to be of help to me in future. I feel immeasurably better both mentally and physically. “ 

“I have found these sessions very helpful and believe I no longer need extra sessions as I have been feeling much better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and professionalism and wish you all the best for the future.” 

“I have appreciated all your help – the techniques I have learnt now enable me to deal with my self-critical thoughts and worrying.” 

“I found therapy to be interesting and enjoyable. I t has been a positive experience for me. I have a got a toolkit to use and will now take on the responsibility for taking care of myself. I was given a framework to understand my difficulties and to apply going forward. Thank you, I really appreciated everything.” 

“Therapy has been great! It has been appropriately pragmatic. I needed mechanisms to get me out of the bad place I was in at the start of the therapy, then later I was ready to move on to getting a wider viewpoint on my mental health. Therapy has been a very significant feature in helping me to understand why I was feeling the way that I did. I am infinitely more positive about where I am going and can now see a pathway forward. I appreciated your flexibility in timings of appointments to fit in with my busy working life. “

 “I loved therapy. Everyone should go for it. I would recommend you to others.” 

“Therapy felt weird at the beginning and was scared as hell about having to talk about what I was thinking and feeling. However, as the sessions progressed, I came to understand that this is what I needed. It really helped to be listened to by an expert who was able to help me help myself by the use of a very informative model to explain things and then teaching me coping strategies – some of which I know I will use lifelong.”  

“I usually find it hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings – especially when they are negative, but it was good to be able to talk to someone in an honest way and know that I was not being judged. This enabled me to address my problems with the understanding that it is okay to prioritize my own well-being. Therapy has been really good.”

“Therapy was great. The techniques and metaphors were so helpful. I no longer blame myself for my husband having an affair and will ensure that the couples therapy sessions he has promised do take place.”

“Therapy has been brilliant. I can’t praise you enough. You helped me so quickly to turn things around. I would recommend you and therapy to anyone.”

“The most useful things were the practical coping strategies to apply that gave me a toolkit. This made me feel in control again. I knew I had the responsibility to help myself and these tools meant I knew how. Therapy had an impact far wider than I expected, on many domains of my life. Having a professional, guide me through the process was essential – I know that I could never have achieved what I did if I had tried to do so on my own.”

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy was very different from the type of therapy had before which was focussed on how my past made me who I am and which I found unhelpful. ACT helped me to manage my problems because it was focussed on helping me move forward.”

“I found therapy very useful - it taught me many coping strategies. As a result, I have become interested in mindfulness and I am now looking into this further to improve my quality of life.”

“Therapy was very useful – I found it taught me coping mechanisms that I could use straightway and also use when needed in future. Overall, it was a positive experience. Thank you for all your assistance.”

“Therapy has been helpful. You did not downplay my difficulties but instead, you acknowledged them and taught me how to tackle them head-on with arrange of practical coping strategies. Thank you for all your time and help.”

“Therapy went a lot better than I expected. I thought it would take a lot longer for to feel the benefit, but it helped me very quickly by shifting my perspective on things and I now have a set of coping strategies to manage my low and anxious moods if they happen again in future.”

“Therapy was very informative. It was good to follow a task-focussed action-based approach. Thank you for all your help”

“You were an absolutely great professional! I really enjoyed talking to you. I was able to talk about my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged. I’m really happy that I’ve done it. They you very much.”

“Thank you for your help with the appointments I have had with yourself as they have been really beneficial to me and for that I am very grateful for your services. You had a very comforting and calm presence which made me feel able to talk about myself and not fear being judged.”

“Therapy has been really useful. It was a lot more practical and worked quicker than I expected because I thought it would be me just talking about what I am thinking and feeling each week. You were super flexible in offering appointments that fitted in with my work schedule. Therapy has also enabled me to help others too because I am now more empathetic and sensitive to signs of someone struggling be it at work (in my role as manager) or in my personal life.”

“Therapy has been really valuable, it helped me crystalize the issues I was facing and validated my thoughts and feelings. The sessions were place of serenity in my week. Your flexibility was really appreciated when you allowed the sessions to shift focus from my initial problems to dealing with the trauma of an unwanted sexual experience in the workplace. I also appreciated you supporting me in pushing to get new workplace policies put in place to cover safe working practice for female staff when they are working overseas.”

“You pulled me out of a very deep, very dark hole. You calmed me, explained why I felt like I did. We examined all the things that were not only affecting me badly but also looked for the positives. I would approach you again should I ever feel myself slipping back.”

“Having the space to talk about what I was feeling and all my irrational thoughts. You helped me feel safe with them. It was also useful to have most of them debunked by you so that I could focus on a better thought pattern.”

“The techniques and metaphors that you taught me have been incredibly useful for getting out of my negative spiral of thinking, in particular the idea that the thoughts will always show up and that’s not a failure on my part, but it’s more what I do with those thoughts that counts. Also you made me realise that my avoidance behaviour is something that isn’t working for me anymore and exposing myself to situations that make me anxious but that align with my values is a better way forward.”

“You connected instantly with me at an interpersonal level. You validated my concerns when I thought I was being paranoid. I was in a crisis state in my opinion and had been experiencing suicidal thoughts. By connecting with me as an individual and with respect you gained my trust which is not something I give freely. You steered me towards understanding how I had arrived at my crisis point and my reactions to the triggers. You helped me to distinguish the “wood from the trees” and to objectively rationalise my way through my crisis towards an exit plan whilst supporting me with identifying for myself what steps I needed to formulate to create my exit strategy. Without your intervention I would not be here today on planet earth. I’ve still a long way to go to becoming the former me but I’ve now got the coping strategies to help me. “

“The things I appreciated and found most helpful from my time with you were the coping strategies that you taught me and your patience and understanding with anything that I said. Thank you again for the time and effort you gave me.”

“I had confidence that you understood me and that you were skilled in the techniques you were talking about. You gave me a set of tools to employ so that I am now back to the best version of myself. I would seek help from you again in future if I needed it and would recommend you to anyone I know, who needed similar help to myself.”

“Your attentive, caring nature, and skill set made feel worthy.... and provided a life line.”

“I found therapy useful, although it was difficult early on, which I had expected it to be. It was helpful to focus on my positive actions and what’s important in my life rather than trying to eliminate negative thoughts.”

“Therapy helped me grow emotionally, clarify my life values, and improve my self-esteem. I have also learnt to trust my gut instincts and not tell myself everything that will be all right and ignore what it is happening inside me.”

“Therapy helped me get a different perspective on things. Lots of useful resources and tools to apply. I now regularly check-in with myself and have resumed my meditation practice. It’s been life changing.“

“I liked the feeling of being able to be open, working through weekly homework tasks and seeing weekly progress.”

“I liked you sending me tips & recommendations of books to read following from each session so I was able to do my own independent work.”

“Your calmness when listening to my issues made me feel like everything was going to be OK even if I didn't always believe that.”

“Your early understanding of the issues plus remediation plus providing self-ability to recognise and deal with future reoccurrence were really helpful.”

“I liked the structured nature of therapy; the passengers on bus metaphor - trying to get to my destination rather than being distracted.”

“You really helped me to formulate my thoughts and how I could progress with my mental wellbeing.”

“I liked your techniques and the way you always reassured me all the time.”

“Very supportive. Excellent guidance. Great tools. Felt very safe and supported. I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

“I appreciated your listening and evaluation skills.”

“You listened to my issues and provided clear and actionable ways to solve them. Working with you made a huge difference to me.”

“Seeking therapy was one of the most important things I have ever done, and I am so glad that I did!”

“The whole process was helpful.”

“It was great working with you- I really appreciated your support. Thank you for everything, it has really made a positive impact.”

“Incredible amount of empathy and also grounded, practical techniques to adopt.”

“A positive experience, not as painful as I expected it to be. You helped me simplify my problems so I could tackle them, instead of them feeling complex and emotionally overwhelming.”

“I did not know what to expect from therapy. However, I found CBT suited me. I liked the approach and have learnt some useful techniques that have changed me and helped me to overcome my problems. Thank you for your professional support. It has been a pleasure.“

“I found that you demystified issues around stress and anxiety and provided clarity on how to approach reducing stress and anxiety. The analogies and examples that you used as illustrations were also helpful. I have also started reading The Happiness Trap , which I am finding helpful.”

“Your approachable demeanour, engagement and style were fantastic."

“Therapy helped me to see that I was more capable than I thought. Sessions helped me clarify my life vales and see that there are lots of positives in my life. It was good to have the space to talk about how I was thinking and feeling. I liked the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) metaphors as ways of dealing with my worries.”

“Thank you for all your help. The sessions were really great!"

“Therapy has been helpful. It has been useful to talk to a third party about things who is independent and can objectively explore why I have been thinking and feeling the way I have been and look at what options are open to me now that I’m out of the woods.”

“I felt able to be myself in therapy. At first my problems seemed serious and daunting, but the techniques I learnt have been life changing. I know that if I stay on this new path then things can only get better. I wish I had done this, ages ago.”

“You were very calm, patient, and rational. I really appreciated your help and support through this process.”

“Massively helpful. I have gone from not knowing what to do, to understanding my needs and how to cope. All therapeutic techniques were relevant and were introduced in a timely manner. You listened to my needs and tailored the sessions to what I required at that time. The whole course of therapy had a clear framework and clear ways to measure outcomes.”

"Working with you has been hugely beneficial in the way I approach my day-to-day thinking. I have a much broader and more positive outlook and I am getting back to the person I want to be."

“Therapy has been really positive. I welcomed and enjoyed the opportunity to have the space each week to focus on myself rather than just my work and family. It has enabled me to deal better on a daily basis with all that is going on in my life.”

“Being able to talk openly with someone who does not know me or judge me was very helpful. I found it very easy to open up to you and talk about my feelings.”

“It has been really useful to have the space and time each week to check-in with myself – the sessions have been a pressure valve. The objective assessment measures and specificity of my goals were an effective way to measure my progress. Therapy has been open and allowing so that I have been able to shift my perspective and get stuff outside of me and see that it is ok to think and feel this way.”

“Therapy helped me a way I didn’t think was possible. In a confidential one-to-one setting with a stranger, I was able to open up about my thoughts and feelings in a way I could not do with friends or family. This was a very important thing for me. I was able to stand back, take a look at myself from a different perspective, and move forward in a new direction”

“I didn’t know what to expect from CBT compared to counselling. I liked the structured approach, being taught a range of coping techniques, the provision of informative handouts and customized notes from exercises in session. I really appreciated your help. Therapy has been a good experience for me.”

"Therapy has been very helpful. I have come a long way in four months. Thank you.”

“Being able to verbalize my thoughts and feelings and recognize it was normal to feel that way given all I had been through was helpful. Also, to realize it was not a sign of weakness to need help but a sign of strength to admit that I had done all I could do for myself but that this was not enough. I now have a pathway to being a better person and know the rest is now down to me”

“Initially I was not sure if CBT was what I needed but I can now see that it was exactly the right therapy for me. I got to do more than just offload my problems, I also got to understand why I thought and felt the way that I did and together with you thought about ways I could help myself overcome my problems. I’ve got “me” back and I know how to move forward from now on.”

“Therapy enabled me to make changes in my life and I feel better for making them. It made realize that instead of thinking I can’t change other people and fitting with them (to my cost) I can do things for myself that make me happy, and I need to do this proactively. I also need to tell others what I would like to happen and not just go along with what others want.”

“Therapy was very helpful. The clarification of my life values gave me a way to structure my behaviour so that I not only learnt how to prioritize myself in terms of eating better, taking more exercise and being assertive, but also prompted to me to reconnect with my friends to support them and resume activities that I previously enjoyed.”

“I have finally been able to complete a course therapy. It has been invaluable- especially mindfulness, assertiveness, and values work. Thank you for your help.”

“I have found therapy helpful. I would come back for more if I needed to”

“I appreciate everything you have done for me. When I first came to see you, I felt that normal life had finished. Now I am feeling better and I’m ready the start the next chapter in my life.”

“Therapy has been very helpful. You’re a top bloke!”

“Therapy reminded me that I need to look after me and I have learnt how to be kind to myself. It helped put my problems in perspective in a structured way. You were also a helpful sounding board in enabling me to find a source of private psychological help for my teenage daughter who has mental health problems and who has been badly let down by NHS services.”

“Therapy was a very positive experience. More people should have it. I felt confident in you right from the first session. You had a very relaxed demeanour and asked exactly the right questions to help me understand my problems as well as giving me plenty of tools to help myself. I have already shared some of the things I have learnt to help others.”

“I was sceptical to start with, but you put me at my ease and asked me questions that made me think about things. I am really pleased with the progress I have made.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful therapy was – having had it before - where my previous therapist and I got stuck in trying to deal with my worrying. The “Passengers on Bus” metaphor made a lot of sense in explaining the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model to me and that session was the turning point for me being able to tackle my problems. “

“Therapy clearly worked! The exercises and techniques were relevant to my current mentality. Techniques such as mindfulness (which I plan to make a part of my daily life) and clarifying my life values and living my life based upon them is something I can apply widely going forward. Also I know to pay attention to my feelings sooner in future because my anxiety was trying to tell me something was wrong.“

“Therapy was very good. I learnt lots of useful techniques- the key will be to keep on using them and to ensure that I face up to uncomfortable feelings and take action, rather than avoid dealing with them as have usually done in the past. Thank you for your help.”

“Therapy has been absolutely brilliant! All the exercises and metaphor examples have been relevant and pitched at exactly the right level given how I was thinking and feeling. Therapy has been incredibly helpful. Thank you.“

“I found it very easy to speak and communicate with you which put me at ease to open up about myself. You are a true credit to your profession. Thank you.”

“Therapy was really helpful to offload, think my problems through, and find the answers that were already within me.”

“Therapy has been good. I wish I had funding for more sessions. I would have preferred face-to-face sessions but understand COVID meant that this was not possible.”

“Thank you very much for all your help. Therapy has been really useful. I know I will be able to cope better with any difficulties that arise in future by using the tools you have taught me, and I also understand myself better.”

“With the tools you have given me I hope to continue to control my medical phobia. Thank you so much for all your time and help.”

“Therapy was really good overall. I learnt lots and have applied the tools I was taught. Really beneficial. You took onboard my feedback and adapted some of the therapy techniques to my needs.”

“Therapy was really helpful. You were easy to talk to and I felt comfortable about opening up about myself and my problems. Things have worked out for me really well. You were the catalyst for me being able to make the changes I have now made. Thank you very much for all your help.”

“Therapy was one of the best things I could have done at the time. It has helped me massively. I don’t know how I could have coped with my difficulties if had had not had it. I have learnt a lot about myself.”

“Therapy has been brilliant! It has been really useful in helping me understand how my mind works. It gave me permission to recognize that my mind does not always work in ways that are helpful to me – and that’s OK – this happens to everyone from time to time. I have been more confident about talking about my problems at work because I have the language to explain what I am thinking and feeling and why and what I need from them in terms of support now that I am back at work.”

“Therapy has definitely helped. After each session I felt more hopeful and had the inspiration to put into practice the things we had discussed with guidance from yourself. Thank you for all your help.”

“The time to talk and the tools you have given me have helped me. I now have transferrable skills. I now see that I had let too much build up without addressing it. Now I know not to do that in future. I need to prioritize myself and address issues early on.“

“Therapy has been quite helpful. The biggest benefit initially was being able to talk about my problems. The mindfulness techniques are very useful and relaxing, and I appreciated the relapse prevention planning session.”

“Therapy has been really supportive. I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises. It was good to have a “safe space” on a regular basis to reflect and get some skills to apply. It has been fundamental for me. I could not have done what I did, that is find another role, without your support. You gave me permission and the courage to take the next steps. Healing has occurred and I am now once again comfortable being me. Thank you for your support, guidance and help in getting me out of a hole.”

“Therapy weas really helpful- especially learning mindfulness techniques and teaching about different types of worry and how to deal with them”

“I liked the guided approach to identifying an appropriate and practical solution to the issues I was facing. You were very helpful, approachable, and friendly. You provided many tools that I can continue using to help me manage my imposter syndrome and insecurities.”

“You gave me tools to cope with my difficulties. Therapy was very positive for me as it gave me space to get a better perspective on things. I now have a better relationship with my family.”

“A positive experience. I feel stronger. You taught me techniques to cope with the problems I had and tools that I can use for a long time to come. My self-esteem is better, and I am kinder to myself.”

“Therapy was very useful, and I have used all of the techniques I was taught. Therapy also improved the relationship between my husband and myself – he became more helpful and understanding and I stand up to him more when he slips back into his old ways.”

“I appreciated therapy being a space to talk about my negative thoughts and feelings with someone who was an expert in knowing how to cope with them. I also liked being taught techniques to enable me to manage my problems and the useful analogies provided to help me know when to apply these strategies.”

“It’s been good to be able to talk through things. A place to sound out how I am thinking and feeling, learn how to cope with my problems, and change the way I think about things.”

“I didn’t fancy doing it in the beginning and I found the sessions difficult at first. Then I began to see that this was a way to help myself and get over my problems. Eventually, I even begin to look forward to the sessions.”

“Therapy was really helpful. It has totally changed my way of thinking in a very short time. I have saved so much time now that I am not worrying, feeling anxious, and checking so many things in the way that I used to do.“

“Therapy has been useful and has made a difference, in particular the practical skills which I have been able to apply. I am now coping better despite all the stress I am currently under. I appreciate your help.”

“I was not sure what to expect at first. Pretty positive experience. Got to learn some useful techniques to apply. I feel better now than before I started.”

“Therapeutic approach made sense. Helpful to think things through rationally in sessions”

“This form of therapy has been much better than what I have had in the past, which just seemed to mainly involve me talking. The model gave me a structure and path to follow. It was definitely a choice I did not regret. I am really pleased that I had the sessions and that I put the work in to make the most of them.”

“Therapy was really helpful. It was good to be able to talk openly to a knowledgeable stranger.”

“Therapy was really helpful, especially the practical exercises which we reflected upon and put into practice, e.g. the “Passengers on the Bus” defusion technique. I like the clarifying and living by your values element too. The acceptance and mindfulness aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) helped solidify my existing mindfulness practice and the reasons why I need to continue to use it to reap the benefits.”

“Therapy helped me get more clarity about what I wanted from a relationship and that it is more important that I find a suitable partner and accept that at my age having a baby will soon no longer be a possibility. I need to put the emphasis on what matters to me and make having a partner is only part of the bigger picture of my life. “

“Therapy has been really helpful in helping me clarify my concerns because it has enabled me to identify the specific problems that I need to work on one at a time. I am now at the point where I need to apply what I have learnt from therapy to manage my anxiety as well as making practical changes to my life in terms of changing job and moving house.”

“After being sceptical about the benefits of therapy for a long time, I am now very glad I accessed it because I have found it to be very helpful.”

“Overall therapy has been very positive. I liked that you were always on my side – validating my thoughts and feelings and explaining they were a normal reaction. I also liked being able to learn coping strategies such as the 54321-mindfulness exercise. Thank you for all your time and help.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without the sessions – I was in a very bad place. It was really helpful to have someone to talk to outside of my family who understood how I was feeling. I found the homework tasks useful too. I have taken a lot from therapy and am now in a much better place. You have been wonderful. Thank you.”

“I found you very easy to talk to, which counted a lot for me. Therapy taught me how to deal with ruminating so that I am to spot when I am about to enter the spiral and step out of it. I’ve found the “Passengers on the Bus” defusion technique really useful in helping me do this.”

“Therapy has been good. I learnt that I am not alone in having anxiety and panic, that it happens to lots of people, and I understand now why I was feeling the way I was. The coping strategies you taught me have helped and I am a lot better now.”

“We did what we could in the time that we had, and you gave me lots of tips and tools which I am using as much as I can. However, therapy really clarified (what I already knew but which my wife won’t acknowledge) that there are problems in our marital relationship – particularly in terms of communication which I have tried to improve (from my side) based on your advice, but it needs both of us to work on this issue. I will attempt again to suggest to my wife we seek couples counselling”

“Thank you for all your support. I feel much better. Now it’s time to get on with my life.”

“Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it. I found the therapy homework a struggle in the beginning but now I can see that I have made a lot of progress not just with the OCD, but also in other areas too, as I was able to apply my insights to the other types of worries that I had.”

“You might not remember me but you helped give me a new set of skills and resilience that three years later remain a foundation stone of daily practice. I just want to say thank you and express my deep gratitude for all your help”

“I found therapy helpful. I liked your direct approach – telling me how it really is (rather than trying to make me feel better about myself) and hence enabling me to understand why I thought, felt, and behaved in the ways that I did, so that I took action. Hence, I now have a new job.”

“CBT was a real eye-opener for me and I’m glad I had it rather than counselling. The homework tasks, such as diary keeping and mindfulness, really helped and I have recommended some of the techniques I have learnt to my colleagues. I really appreciate all your help. Thank you.”

“Therapy has been good. You’ve been great! I’ve learnt lots of actionable that I can and do use. Thank you.”

“I feel better for having therapy – I am often my own worst enemy in not taking care of myself. I liked the structured approach, and the exercises you got me to do. I appreciate all your help. Thank you.”

“Therapy has brough time a long way from where I was. I had not been out of the house for more than two years before I stated therapy. I used to think that I did not exist and that there was no point in living. Now I feel alive again and have a plan about how to continue rebuilding my life now that therapy has finished and how to deal with any setbacks I might have in future”

“Therapy helped me because I was able to talk about my health worries and have them taken seriously as a mental health problem. I was given a psychological explanation of what was going on, and my thoughts were not just dismissed as silly worries as had been happening with members of family. The coping techniques were very useful too. Thank you for all your help, it was much appreciated”

“Therapy helped me understand what was going on with me and that it was okay to feel a certain way sometimes (even if that meant feeling bad) - that I was not broken and that nothing was wrong with me. I don’t have to problem-solve and fix everything.”

“You diagnosed my various psychological conditions very well and gave me the right tools to deal with them – my two key problems being rumination and worry. The values framework was exactly what I needed as I had been excessively focussed on my work. You had a good way of keeping me on track and reminding me to use the various techniques you had taught me. Thank you so much for your life changing advice and guidance.”

“I was able to talk openly with you in a way that I was not able to with friends and family. Therapy has helped strengthen me mentally and given me the confidence to approach and challenge my superiors”

“I’m really glad that I did it. I had no need to dread therapy at all. I was able to step back from situations, think about them and apply the tools I was taught to deal with my worries and negative thoughts and get better outcomes.”

“Therapy was not at all how I had expected it to be – it was not just talking about myself for an hour each week. Instead, you helped me understand my problems and taught me a range of tools to manage my negative thoughts and change my unhelpful behaviours. I have been able to be more open and honest about my feelings with my family because of these sessions and have also told my mother about some of the tools for dealing with rumination that I learnt. Thank you for all your help and support. “

“You were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about confidential matters. You gave me "homework" and techniques to practice which were invaluable. You were genuinely interested in, and cared about, my wellbeing. My sincere gratitude. Thank you”

“I found therapy to be a really positive experience. Initially I wasn’t sure if I could connect with the model and that I was just going through the motions of attending sessions but quite quickly the discussions in sessions resonated with me and I found I was able to apply the techniques I was taught. The sessions also made me focus on life outside of therapy and were a “fire-starter” that enabled me to make meaningful changes in my life. I have completely changed my mindset. Your help was very much appreciated. Thank you.”

“Therapy has been very useful. You were very easy to talk to and gave me practical tasks and techniques to do for homework teaching me the techniques in session to apply in real-life. You adapted your approach to suit my preference for visually based representations of concepts and ideas.”

“It was nice to have someone to talk to and not have to keep all my worries to myself.”

“The early sessions really helped me a lot to understand my problems – to see that they were psychological and not a sign of serious physical problem. The techniques you taught me were very useful and I was able to see improvements in myself each week. I always felt very comfortable speaking to you and looked forward to the sessions.”

“I really appreciate your help. Therapy has definitely helped me. I have some way more to go to reach my final goals, but you have given me the tools and the confidence to continue with my treatment following the path we have worked out and I feel happy that I can continue on my own.“

“Thank you for your amazing help over the last few weeks. You’ve been a brilliant listener and have helped me (not only vent!) but develop very helpful techniques for dealing with anxiety, which I hope to implement in the future.”

“Therapy was different from what I was expecting. It was theoretical with a model that explained my problems and gave rationales for the various coping strategies I was taught about how to deal with my negative thoughts and how to change my unhelpful behaviours.”

“The formulation diagram helped me understand the source of my problems and the unhelpful behaviours that I needed to change. Therapy has been a useful thing for me.”

“Absolutely so valuable because of the tangible suggestions and how to apply them and the psychoeducation about the working of the traumatized brain. I enjoyed the behavioral experiments that led me to find out something new. It was great to have evidence-based guidance. Therapy has been just brilliant. I’m really glad that I was able to access it via work - I think everybody should be able to. I feel so different now.”

“Thank you for pointing me in the right direction”

“Therapy has been good. I even enjoyed the sessions. They were helpful and insightful in terms of explaining how the mind works and giving me methods to employ, for example the Acknowledge Connect and Engage (ACE) defusion technique and mindfulness exercises such as 54231. Both of which I have shared with my partner.”

“The most useful thing about therapy was that it gave me a space to talk and rant about things that were playing on my mind and with that came understanding and then finding ways to deal with them.”

“Therapy has been really helpful and lots of value to me in terms of the areas we focussed upon. However, I have now realized that individual therapy is no longer what I need because I am having doubts about staying in the relationship I am in and so couples therapy would be more appropriate – if my partner were open to it”

“I have had a positive experience of therapy. It has been more successful than I thought it would be. I am pretty pleased with my progress and feel much better than when we first met. I think the benefits will be maintained. Thank you. I really appreciate your help”

“I found talking to a trained mental health professional who was skilled, knowledgeable, and neutral incredibly useful. I particularly liked the physical acting out of metaphors which really made the ideas stick with me.”

“I found therapy fascinating. It enabled me to remind myself of what I once knew but no longer used. It got me on the right path to get out of the woods. It has done me the world of good and I very glad that I did it – it was just what I needed. I have got my old energy and enthusiasm back and I am positive again. I am now looking forward into the future instead of facing backwards into the past.”

I enjoyed the sessions. Therapy was a positive and interesting experience. I have learnt a lot of coping strategies and now know a lot more about mindfulness. The sessions buoyed my and have given me the confidence to believe I could cope if I were to have a crisis in future. The atmosphere inside my head has changed for the better.”

“Therapy has been very helpful in teaching me techniques to help me get through the issues I have been facing recently. I have been able to develop the use of these techniques into new habits that I don’t need to think about (over-thinking having been one of my problems) but I now just apply them one small task at a time.”

“Therapy has been good. Taught me some useful techniques. Good to speak to someone impartial”

“Therapy was a real eye-opener for me and the CBT model it used to explain my difficulties helped me overcome my OCD. It has also made me aware of the importance of having a good work-life balance which I plan to ensure I keep to as I begin my return to work. “

“Therapy was helpful. Thank you.”

“You listened to what was bothering me and making me feel low and helped me to deal with them effectively allowing me to have the skills to help myself in the future.”

“I appreciated your supportive understanding attitude.”

“I liked substituting the unhealthy parts of coping strategies but keeping the good parts (e.g. getting up, moving, and getting fresh air when I want to smoke)”

“You gave me varied techniques to try out - they didn't all work for me - but I liked having options”

“You listened without judgement and always found the best ways to support me.”

“You helped me to articulate my thoughts better and learn what was really holding me back.”

“I valued the emphasis on self-reflection which helped enable me to recognise how I felt in certain situations.”

“You helped me to understand why I didn't keep in touch with family members over the years.”

“I appreciated your insights and thoughts on my issues.”

“I liked your listening, compassion, and positive practical guidance.”

“Thank you for your flexible approach and taking the time to understand my situation and my needs.”

“I liked your listening and then helping me to reflect.”

“You really listened to me and remembered things that I had said.”

“You were calm, thorough and could drill down and clarify the issues that were key.”

“It was very useful to have an expert view on helping with areas of my underlying depression.”

“You had the ability to extract my key needs and then provide relatable tasks and activities to support the work on them.”

“I liked the focussing on the things that matter and allowing space to manage the rest.”

“You had extensive knowledge of different techniques.”

“Therapy helped me to understand myself better and you gave me tools to deal with future issues that may occur.”

“The process of identifying patterns of thought helped me to assess when I might be getting in a rut and take action.“

“You were very easy to talk to and listened very well.”

“You listened and asked the right questions for me to work out the solution for myself.”

“Your honesty and ability to listen to my issues helped me to resolve them constructively.”

“You were very non-judgemental and always listened well.”