Here are the responses from my most recent “Patient Feedback Survey” from (May to September 2021) from patients who have recently completed their course of therapy:

“He pulled me out of a very deep, very dark hole. He calmed me, explained why I felt like I did. We examined all the things that were not only affecting me badly but also to look for the positives. Would approach him again should I ever feel myself slipping back.”

“Having the space to talk about what I was feeling and all my irrational thoughts, Stephen helped me feel safe with them. It was also useful to have most of them debunked by him so that I could focus on a better thought pattern.”

“The techniques and metaphors that Stephen taught me have been incredibly useful for getting out of my negative spiral of thinking, in particular the idea that the thoughts will always show up and that’s not a failure on my part, but it’s more what I do with those thoughts that counts. Also Stephen made me realise that my avoidance behaviour is something that isn’t working for me anymore and exposing myself to situations that make me anxious but that align with my values is a better way forward.”

“Stephen connected instantly with me at an interpersonal level. He validated my concerns when I thought I was being paranoid. I was in a crisis state in my opinion and had been experiencing suicidal thoughts. By connecting with me as an individual and with respect he gained my trust which is not something I give freely. He steered me towards understanding how I had arrived at my crisis point and my reactions to the triggers. Stephen helped me to distinguish the “wood for the trees” and to objectively rationalise my way through my crisis towards an exit plan whilst supporting me with my identifying myself what steps I needed to formulate to create my exit strategy. Without Stephen’s intervention I would not be here today on planet earth. I’ve still a long way to go to becoming the former me but I’ve now got the coping strategies to help me. “

“The things I appreciated and found most helpful from my time with Stephen were the coping strategies that he taught me and his patience and understanding with anything that I said. Thank you again Stephen for the time and effort you gave me.”

“I had confidence in Stephen that he understood me, and that he was skilled in the techniques he was talking about. He gave me a set of tools to employ so that I am now back to the best version of myself. I would seek help from him again in future if I needed it and would recommend him to anyone I know, who needed similar help to myself.”

“Stephens attentive, caring nature, and skill set made feel worthy.... and provided a life line.”

“I found therapy useful, although it was difficult early on, which I had expected it to be. It was helpful to focus on my positive actions and what’s important in my life rather than trying to eliminate negative thoughts.”

“Therapy helped me grow emotionally, clarify my life values, and improve my self-esteem. I have also learnt to trust my gut instincts and not tell myself everything that will be all right and ignore what it is happening inside me.”

“Helped me get a different perspective on things. Lots of useful resources and tools to apply. I now regularly check-in with myself and have resumed my meditation practice. It’s been life changing. “

“Feeling able to be open. Working through weekly homework tasks and seeing weekly progress.”

“Sending tips & recommendations of books to read following from each session so I was able to do my own independent work.”

“His calmness when listening to my issues made me feel like everything was going to be OK even if I didn't always believe that.”

“Early understanding by Stephen of the issues plus remediation plus providing self-ability to recognise and deal with future reoccurrence.”

“Structured nature; passengers on bus metaphor - trying to get to my destination rather than being distracted.”

“Stephen really helped me to formalise my thoughts and how I could progress with my mental wellbeing.”

“His techniques and the way he always reassured me all the time.”

“Very supportive. Excellent guidance. Great tools. Felt very safe and supported. Highly recommend to anyone.”

“Stephen's listening and evaluation skills.”

“Stephen listened to my issues and provided clear and actionable ways to solve them. Working with him made a huge difference to me.”

“Stephen listened to what was bothering me and making me feel low and helped me to deal with them effectively allowing me to have the skills to help myself in the future.”

“Supportive understanding attitude.”

“Substituting the unhealthy parts of coping strategies but keeping the good parts (e.g. getting up, moving, and getting fresh air when I want to smoke)”

“Varied techniques to try out - they didn't all work for me, but I liked having options”

“Stephen listened without judgement and always found the best ways to support me.”

“Helped me to articulate my thoughts better and learn what was really holding me back.”

“The emphasis on self-reflection which helped enable me to recognise how I felt in certain situations.”

“Helping me to understand why I didn't keep in touch with family members over the years.”

“His insights and thoughts on my issues.”

“Listening, compassion, positive practical guidance.”

“His flexible approach and taking the time to understand my situation and my needs.”

“Listening and reflecting.”

“He really listens to you and remembers things that you've said.”

“He was calm, thorough and could drill down and clarify the issues that were key.”

“Very useful to have an expert view on helping with areas of my underlying depression.”

“His ability to extract key needs and then provide relatable tasks and activities to support the work on them.”

“Focussing on the things that matter and allowing space to manage the rest.”

“Extensive knowledge of different techniques.”

“The fact that it helped me understand myself better and the therapy gave me tools to deal with future issues that may occur.”

“Identifying patterns of thought helped me to assess when I might be getting in a rut and take action. “

“Stephen was also very easy to talk to and listened very well.”

“He listened and asked the right questions for me to work out the solution for myself.”

“His honesty and his ability to listen to my issues and help me resolve them constructively.”

“He was very non-judgemental and always listened well.”